Curbside Pickup
Sign Base Systems 

  • Made in America
  • 100% American Recycled Rubber
  • No maintenance & Long-lasting
  • Custom Signs Available
  • Turnkey Logistics & Shipping

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RubberForm has the best cost-to-quality ratio of any Sign Base you'll find on the market. Our products are durable, attractive, & The Best Cost Alternative.

will not Rust, chip, crack, crumble, or Blow Over.

Online ordering and Curbside pickup have taken over as the new business standard for direct-to-consumer companies. Whether you're in the business of retail, groceries or food service, RubberForm Curbside To-Go Sign Base systems are what your company needs to effectively coordinate curbside service with safety and control. They're easily visible so your customers know exactly where to go upon arrival.

Our sign base systems provide your business with all the needed features for Curbside services—base, sign, post, and hardware. RubberForm is proud to have provided our products to some of the most well-respected names in the restaurant, retailer, and grocery store industries. We are the Gold Standard in Curbside Pickup and we guarantee you won’t experience a better performing product than the ones made by RubberForm.

Company benefits

  • You're buying directly from the manufacturer with turnkey logistics

  • Enhances safety and minimizes liability

  • Perfect for Green or LEED certified properties

  • Versatile for use anywhere portable or semi-permanent curbside signage is needed

Product Features

  • Easy to install, easy to move for snow removal, maintenance or storage—just tip and roll

  • Patented design and heavy base withstand severe weather and impact

  • All-weather easy maintenance; will not rust, chip, crack, crumble, corrode, or need repainting

  • Made in USA with 100% post-consumer American recycled material

When it comes to parking lot safety equipment, RubberForm is the

most durable product on the market.

Tech specs

Attractive and durable, RubberForm’s Sign Bases and Bollard Systems are the perfect solution for proper signage on the property around your business.

Sign Base Specifications

  • 18″D X 14″H

  • 72 lbs per sign base - under the OSHA occupational lifting limit (extra weight available)

  • Base supports signs up to 24″ in diameter - Add base weight for larger signs

  • Available with round or square post

  • Available with custom cover colors upon request

Bollard Base System Specifications

  • Base: 18″D X 14″H

  • Bollard sleeve: up to 60” high

  • 98 lbs per bollard base

  • Available with custom cover colors upon request

  • Includes 2 reflective stripes